Youth Ministry: Now & Not Yet   [paperback]

by Matt Wilkinson  (Foreword by Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary)


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  • Format: Softcover                              * Number of Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Youth Matter                        * Publication Date: November 2012
  • ISBN-13: 9780988168909 


It is no secret that in our post-Christian world young people are leaving the church en masse. This does not have to be the reality.                     Youth Ministry: Now & Not Yet has sought to uncover the necessary shifts the church can make to engage this next generation in a transforming faith journey and empower those who will walk with them. 

This book provides a high level perspective on the current impact and effectiveness of youth ministry and what needs to change based on an extensive survey of youth workers and church leaders.  This resource provides practical next steps for how the entire church family can improve their youth ministry and make a stronger impact in a young person’s faith experience through exploring:

   ·      Why the role of the family and intergenerational experiences are absolutely critical.
   ·      Strategies and insights to having healthy youth ministry leadership and structures.
   ·      What are the foundational elements to understanding and reaching youth today.
   ·      How being relational is being redefined for youth through the influence of social media.
   ·      Why the future of ministry to youth needs to be rooted in mentorship.

As a church leader, youth worker, parent or church member wanting to have a more effective ministry to the next generation, this book will serve as an invaluable resource.


Additional Product Information

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